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Automated Digital Marketing

Start your journey with CliqLocal today. Create your first campaign, advertise with SMS/MMS/social media, and start attracting new leads, sales, or supporters.

Which one sounds more like you?


Start nurturing leads and creating lifetime clients with mobile marketing.


Whether you’ve tried mobile marketing before (and you haven’t seen the results you want) or you’re looking to get into it for the first time, you’re in the right place.

With mobile marketing, you can instantly send messages to thousands of your customers, and on average, 98 percent of them will be read within 5 minutes.

This lets you develop one-on-one conversations with your customers where you can build a rapport with them and send them updates, offers, promotions, and more!

So whether you’ve…

  • Never tried mobile marketing and you don’t have a list of customers yet
  • Tried mobile marketing but found it too complicated/stressful
  • Had some success with mobile marketing and want to take it to the next level

CliqLocal is here to help you grow and nurture a list of customers that you can reach up to anytime via SMS/MMS.


Bring your business in front of new potential buyers every single day.


Everyone knows social media is a great place to advertise your business, regardless of whether you’re looking to invest big advertising budgets or just attract free traffic.

In both cases, you’re much better off working with an expert on maximizing the results you get and create a consistent stream of leads for your business. But how do you find someone who will actually guarantee you results? How do you persuade an actual expert to work with your business? How do you find someone who will work within your budget?

That’s where we come in and save the day.

Along with the nurturing capabilities of SMS and MMS marketing, CliqLocal provides you with social media marketing services that create automate the process of generating leads through your social media channels.

This means…

  • You’ll be putting your business in front of new audiences every day…
  • You’ll be attracting new leads into your follow-up funnels (such as SMS…)
  • You’ll be growing your sales with less effort by putting new potential buyers through the process every day…

If that’s what you want, that’s what we’re here to help you do.

CliqLocal brings the two together to create the world’s first full-service mobile marketing platform that consistently brings you new customers on autopilot.

Not only do we bring together SMS and MMS marketing with social media advertising to create simple and profitable funnels for your business, but we also have a unique business directory of our own called the CliqLocal Business Network.

CliqLocal is the first mobile marketing platform that consistently brings you new leads, sales, and customers.



Here’s how:

  • SMS and MMS Mobile Marketing

Your customers (both past and future) are on their phones all day, so if you’re a business, their phone is the number one place you can reach them, close them, and nurture them. CliqLocal allows you to communicate with your customers through two-way texting and picture/video promotions.

This helps you stay in touch with your customers, offer them deals and promos, and generate more sales for your business.

  • Social Media Advertising & Management

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, or Pinterest, we’ll take care of all your social media channels and publish your promotions on them.

This way, you’ll receive a consistent stream of new leads and customers, as well as create a community around your product/service that’s always talking about it and sharing it on social media.

  • The CliqLocal Business Network

We created the CliqLocal business directory to help businesses promote their products and services to ready-to-buy local consumers who are looking for local deals and offers.

People can opt-in to your business’ SMS list and get your promotions, allowing you to generate more leads and consistently bring your business in front of new potential customers through the business listing in our network.

Countless features that are here to save you time, money, and energy…


Build Scheduled Campaigns

Skyrocket your user engagement and sales numbers with timed campaigns that nurture your leads and capture their attention with updates, offers, and promos.


Text Messaging & Keywords

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere. (As long as they’ve got signal.)

Mobile Coupons & QR Codes

Create one-time-use mobile coupons that your customers can’t wait to use.

Send Photos & Videos

Get creative with MMS tools that make engaging with your customers more fun.

Loyalty Programs

Create virtual punch cards, a useful rewards tool for bringing customers back.

Social Integration

Send copies of your SMS and MMS offers, and sales alerts directly to your social media accounts for your followers to see.

Forms, Polls & Questionnaires

Ask customers questions, receive feedback, and use the data to enhance customer experience and grow your business.


Appointments & Reservations

Make it easy for your customers set up reservations and confirm their appointments at their leisure.

Accept Payments & Donations

Allows your users send payments or donations to you effortlessly and conveniently.

Check the ROI

No one else will provide you with way to estimate the Return On your Investment (ROI) before making your purchase.  We believe so much in our service we’re confident you’ll come to the same conclusion our current customers come to about CliqLocal.  You can’t help but to increase your bottom line.

 Here’s why you should join CliqLocal today…

  • Get new leads, sales, profits.

 By creating and automating a funnel that shows your business in front of potential buyers, gets their info, and then nurtures them along an SMS campaign, it’s safe to say CliqLocal is a way to get new leads, sales, and profits while spending less time running campaigns yourself.

  • It’s easy and straightforward.

Each user is provided with a user-friendly dashboard where you can submit and monitor campaigns. And if you don’t have the time to submit your own promotions to your dashboard, we can do that for you by assigning a CliqLocal Promotional Specialist to your account. From running a campaign to tracking results, it can all be done for you to the degree you wish to be involved.

  • You’ll ENJOY it!

The social media/mobile marketing management process should be collaborative – and fun! We build a rapport with our clients that lasts way after the campaigns go live, managing and optimizing your campaigns and working together until you achieve the best results possible.

Here’s why businesses across the United States LOVE and SWEAR BY CliqLocal…



CliqLocal is here to help…

  • Any entrepreneur or business owner (service-based, agencies, e-commerce, influencers…)
  • Any business or merchant (small businesses, gyms, restaurants, bars, retail, salons and spas…)
  • Any organization (nonprofit, faith-based, HR, education…)

Join CliqLocal today by claiming a one-time 50% OFF discounted price for new users!


  • Full SMS and MMS Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising & Management
  • Business Directory Advertising
Join CliqLocal today and receive free premium graphics for the first 90 days of use.

  • No contracts.
  • No set-up fees.
  • Cancel anytime.

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